Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Four Steps to Beat the Home Business Failure Odds and be One of the 2% Success Stories

By: Ellen Agius

Today many people are looking to change their lifestyle with the benefits of a home based business. This includes working from home, choosing your own hours, choosing the people you work with, spending more time with your kids, getting paid more but working less to enjoy the lifestyle you always dreamed of.

Unfortunately as we all know 98% of people who join a home based business fail. Why is that? I am one of the 2% who didn't and it involves taking the right steps in the right direction without getting distracted and having a unwavering commitment to making it work. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The alternative is to go back to your job (just over broke). The fact is we are building a business and you may be building a job.

Often we let FEAR (false expectations appearing real) stop us from achieving what we want. Many people are missing the boat when it comes to looking for a solid home business. Instead of looking at what counts like training, mentoring, and the overall home business itself they are looking for a get rich quick scheme. And please keep in mind there is no such thing as a home business that will make you rich with you only working 10 minutes a day but what is true is you can become very wealthy by starting and running a home business. People who are successful with home based businesses are some of the top income earners in the world.

So here are some steps to take on board to start making it happen for you.

WORK ON YOURSELF In your process to success you need to REPROGRAM YOUR MIND, you are worth it and everyone can succeed , success is for everyone. Find a mentor who teaches mindset. Establish a strong reason WHY you want to succeed in a home based business. For example you want to work from home because you don't want to put your children in child care, you want to buy a new home, you want to travel overseas, you want to have enough money in your retirement to enjoy life etc. Also everyday listen to and read positive material everyday. Your success is based on your own personal growth.

FIND THE RIGHT BUSINESS Choose the right home based business. Pursue what you enjoy, what you are passionate about. Now of course, home business opportunities vary and there are great home business companies out there and there are not so great home business opportunities out there. You need to do your research on the company. Look at the company growth, are they debt free? What is their compensation plan like? How do you get paid? What incentives do they provide? Do they have competition in their market, in other words is their product unique? Can you build internationally? Do they have a proven track record?

FIND THE RIGHT PRODUCT You need to look at what the market is doing. Current research shows that a wellness business is the best home based business to own today. This is due to the baby boomers driving the market and they are now aging and wanting to stay young and health and are driving a shift to the wellness revolution. You need to find a company that is one of the leaders in this industry. According to world economists the wellness industry will create 10 million new millionaires in the next eight years. This is also predicted to be people in the home based business industry. So if you become a part of this industry you could be one of these. So a company that provides unique wellness products is the one to look for.

TRAINING AND MENTORING It doesn't matter what home business opportunity you join, if you know how to build a home business you will succeed. You should look for a home business that offers free personal mentoring, free training and free training materials so you can learn how to build your business. A personal mentor who is successful and interested in helping YOU succeed will help take you to the levels of success you want.

MEET ALL CRITERIA If you can find a company that meets all these criteria that is in the wellness industry, has no competition, provides a generous compensation plan with the potential to earn 6 -7 figured income, provides free training and mentoring, then you have truly found a vehicle to success.

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